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12V Fleeced Car Seat Warmer Electric Heating Mat

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Heated FLANNEL car seat covers heat up your seats to warm you up and keep you from shivering while driving. Made of high quality plush and Flame retardant material, Intelligent temperature control,automatic power off function. Alloy heating wire and double helix heating wire can enhance security . Built-in spiral resistance wire, the heat radiated by the double sheath, heat up within 30 seconds. Three grades temperature control to prevent overheating. Anti-skid particles at the bottom of the cushion, which is effectively anti-slip and not easy to fall off. Light and portable so it is convenient to carry.Simple to fit, plug into lighter power socket .

Overheat protection. Skin-friendly velvet comfort intimate 4. Main and co-pilot dual-seat sharing a cigarette butt. Independent switch, free control. Overheat protection  Automatic power off. Four-speed adjustable temperature . deliver an intense massage all over your back as they include rolling balls. When it comes to long-distance travel, such a cover will help a driver to relieve tension in the back during stops and rest periods.It’s suitable for most of the cars and has an intelligent temperature control system where you can freely choose any degree you like between 86 F to 140 F. It quickly heats up, so you don’t have to wait 20 minutes to feel warm. You can set a timer to switch off the heating automatically.

12V Fleeced Car Seat Warmer Electric Heating Mat Features

  • Overheat protection
  • 12/24v universal models
  • Italy skin-friendly velvet comfort intimate
  •  Main and co-pilot dual-seat sharing a cigarette butt
  •  Independent switch, free control
  • Overheat protection
  • Automatic power off
  • Four-speed adjustable temperature free Master 9.4A current
  •  Highest temperature 70Â